Sacks Thrift Ave

Records & Rage, Vinyl & Vintage

Sacks Thrift Ave is a one-of-a-kind vintage and record store that now has a rage room. Come down to quench your thirst for rare finds or a smashing good time.

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What we offer

Rage Club

Got some pent up stress? We have the perfect place for you. We provide the safety gear, weapons, and items. Crank up the tunes and let you break stuff to your hearts content. When you're satisfied you'll exit with a smile leaving us to clean up the mess.


Best Collection of Vinyl in Central Alberta

Check out our constantly expanding selection of records. You can expect to see everything from the big names to hard find gems.


Vintage and Curated Clothing

Tired of fast fashion? Come see clothes that have already been proven to last. From well known names to vintage styles we have some of everything.